Thank you for participating in the TOTA beta program!

We hope that at the end of this beta program, together we will have created a robust platform that allows people to make cultural connections and deepen their cultural knowledge.

A Message from the Founders

We began this project with a vision to provide accurate and comprehensive cultural information in one easy-to-use website.

Culture influences us all, from how we lead our daily lives to how we view ourselves, our families, and the world. In our own studies, it became clear to us that nearly all cultures share the same fundamental wisdom. Yet, in our cultural research across the internet, we found that much of the information was inaccurate, disperse, and not easily searchable. Many strong sites and articles from scholars and experts were inaccessible to the general public, especially for topic-specific content like local cuisine and lifestyles. It is our intent to present cultural similarities, as well as our differences, side-by-side to expand people‚Äôs understanding of their cultural identity and that of all peoples. is partnering with cultural organizations and experts to offer the broadest range of accessible, accurate, and detailed cultural information to the general public. We believe that such content will enrich our understanding of ourselves and our neighbors, locally and globally. seeks to create a community where people come together to celebrate the uniqueness of individual cultures as well as the common threads that connect us all. Members will be able to join cultural groups, stay connected locally, and share information to inspire and enrich everyone.

This is a monumental project that will never be finished. Many talented individuals have already contributed their time and energy to, but it remains incomplete without your unique perspective.

Please join us today to help us connect people through culture.

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