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Who were your ancestors? What made their lives unique? And how did their paths all lead to you? is home to thousands of articles to help you answer questions like these. Learn about your ancestors’ lives and discover a little more about yourself.

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Gain Insight Into Your Heritage

Each human being represents the sum of our ancestors’ hopes and struggles, thousands of years in the making. But what do your ancestors mean to you, beyond the basic names and dates? TOTA seeks to answer that question through a rich archive of folklore, historical events, daily practices, and even the recipes that truly shaped their lives.

Collect and Share with Family

TOTA is more than just a place to learn. It’s also a space to share, grow, and connect as part of a larger community. Create your own family group to stay in touch, work together, and collect information about your cultures and topics of interest.

You know their names. Discover how they lived.

Create Your Own Legacy

TOTA understands that culture is built by individuals. What do you want future generations to remember about you? How have the cultural influences in your life changed or stayed the same? TOTA offers a number of easy-to-use tools designed to make your voice heard. Take control of your own legacy today.

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