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A Message from the Founders

We began this project with a vision to provide accurate and comprehensive cultural information in one easy-to-use website.

Image from Soviet Peasant's Home, 1927 by Karl Borders, TOTA Curated Archives

Culture influences us all, from how we lead our daily lives to how we view ourselves, our families, and the world. In our own studies, it became clear to us that nearly all cultures share the same fundamental wisdom. Knowledge of our own cultural heritage connects us to our family across generations and how those traditions have shaped us. Studying other cultures gives us a greater sense of our place in history and the world.

Image from Upper-class Women in Early 1900s Mexico by Lewis Spence, TOTA Curated Archives

It is our intent to present these similarities and differences side by side to expand people’s understanding of their cultural identity and that of all peoples. We seek to create a community where people can find and enrich each other through cultural interests and activities. Users will be able to join cultural groups, stay connected locally, and share information that inspires them.

Image from Ainu Economy and Ainu Society by TOTA

This is a monumental project that will never be finished. Many talented individuals have already contributed their time and energy to, but it remains incomplete without your unique perspective. We welcome all of the help we can get, including recipes, family stories, historical documents, or any other cultural insights you have to share.

Sample Articles

Here are some examples of the types of articles you’ll find on

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was born about 1820 in a village in the state of Maryland. She was one of eleven children. Her grandparents came from Africa between 1725 and 1750.

Jewel Huelster SchwabTOTA Curated Archives

German Cultural Overview

An index and summary of the geography, history, daily life, societies, economics, beliefs, and arts of Germany.

TOTATraditions of the Ancestors

14 Key Facts About Irish Culture

A short video about Irish Culture

TOTATraditions of the Ancestors

The Hawaiian Canoe

The building of a canoe was an affair of religion. When a man found a fine koa tree he went to the kahuna kalai wa'a and said, 'I have found...

David MaloTOTA Curated Archives

Vasilisa the Fair

"Vasilisa the Fair" is a traditional Russian fairy tale featuring Vasilisa the maiden and the crone Baba Yaga. It is translated here by Aleksandr Afanas'ev Nikolaevich.

Aleksandr Afanas'ev NikolaevichTOTA Curated Archives

Salmon Across Cultures

An article examining the cultural significance of the salmon and its place in the modern world.

TOTATraditions of the Ancestors

The Maori at Gallipoli

Later in the night the Maoris had still more serious work to do. In silence, with empty magazines and fixed bayonets they attacked the Turk in trench and dug-out...

Malcom RossTOTA Curated Archives

Akan Society Overview

A brief overview of traditional Akan social structures and societies.

TOTATraditions of the Ancestors

Footage of San Francisco Before and After the Earthquake,1906

Two short films depicting the streets of San Francisco before and after the devastating earthquake and fire of 1906.

TOTATOTA Curated Archives

Irish Daily Life Overview

A brief overview of the historic food, clothing, housing, and lifestyles of Ireland.

TOTATraditions of the Ancestors

English Arts & Music Overview

A look at the artistic and musical history of England.

TOTATraditions of the Ancestors

American Wakes

Before leaving the subject of wakes and funerals, it may be worth noting that another kind of wake is common in Ireland besides the wake of the dead. This is...

Robert LyndTOTA Curated Archives

Michigan Pioneers

Our hosts at Detroit were right in telling us that we need not go far to see woods, for a mile from the town the road enters the forest...

Alexis de TocquevilleTOTA Curated Archives

Persian Economy Overview

The first empire of Persia, the Achaemenids, introduced a number of economic innovations to the ancient world. After conquering the Lydians, the Persians quickly spread their use of coins through...

TOTATraditions of the Ancestors

Coming of Age in Confucian China

'Parents,' said Confucius, replying to a query respecting filial piety, 'ought to bear but one trouble—that of their own sickness.' It was also a saying of Confucius that 'Children should...

Y.K. Liang, Li Kung TaoTOTA Curated Archives

Ainu Cuisine

Examines the historic cuisine and diets of the Ainu.

TOTATOTA Curated Archives