Pancake Chronicle In Brooklyn, NY

Harry Mena   a year ago • @StoryTimeUnderTheGrandmaTree

Harry Mena   a year ago • @StoryTimeUnderTheGrandmaTree

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Salutations to all! Fred! Here in my neck of the woods, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, (NY) a historically immigrant neighborhood, there was once a strong Norwegian community. I share their stories and those of other cultures with present day neighbors though a video series called, :Story Time Under The Grandma Tree,” We aim to raise the appreciation of our elders, the environment, reading, writing, and one another. For our first episode we have a wonderful talent, Ms. Anita Castillo-Hervonesen singing an ancient love song in Norwegian and then telling the story of the “Pancake Chronicle.” I could only find one illustration from that story here - is there. another edition that has a full set of illustrations that we could use for our video? Any guidance would be much appreciated! TAkk!

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Harry Mena

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