HEMA Injuries vs. Other Sports

How do the number and type of HEMA injuries compare to other sports? Are there any preventative measured used in other sports to prevent injuries that could be applied to HEMA?

Nicholas Allen   4 years ago • @Latchkey

I spoke to the athletic trainer who works with the VCU HEMA club under VCU Rec Sports and she said that the most common injuries were shoulder instability/subluxation (partial dislocation) and concussions. In one 4 month semester she had 6 HEMA injuries, 4 of which were musculoskeletal and 2 of which were concussions. One was caused by falling backward and hitting their head the other was due to a zwerch to the side of the head.

She said that on the whole, the injuries were minor with the concussions being the most serious and taking the most time to heal. She said the rate of injury in the HEMA club was comparable to the other high-risk clubs she worked with like rugby and dodgeball.

She said that incorporating more push/pull motions as well as stabilizing exercises like ceiling punches and proprioception exercises into warm-up before practice could help the surrounding muscles stabilize the shoulders to alleviate the pressure on the surrounding ligaments.

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