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Home Remedies for Flu Learned from Ancestors

Tasneem Arain   7 months ago • @SweetNeem

My nani (maternal grandmother) would make ginger “tea”. Take fresh diced ginger and boil it for a few minutes then let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Drink it warm with raw honey or a dash of black salt. Other things my nani gave us for the flu or cold symptoms were fresh crushed garlic, chicken broth with turmeric, and lots of hot liquids. Now, I give these home remedies from India & Pakistan to my family to help prevent or help heal from the flu, sore throat, and congestion. Of course, seek medical attention whenever necessary.

Lindsay Lyon   7 months ago • @Lindsay

We just stocked up on fresh ginger also. I was taught ginger tea, sauteed garlic, dark chocolate, and lots of citrus for most illnesses—sounds like our pantries are similar. :)

Lindsay Lyon   7 months ago • @Lindsay

Stay safe everyone!

michaelfelts   7 months ago • @michaelfelts

I’m not familiar with black salt Tasneem. What is that exactly? One of the reasons we started TOTA was because of the similarities across cultures. My mom and dad did the same thing as yours. Chicken soup and lemon tea and my mother was especially fond of vitamin C. Also, my mother used to crush our pills, like penicillin, when we were sick and mix it with raw honey. Many cultures share the ideas that chicken soup and raw honey have curative properties.

Tasneem Arain   7 months ago • @SweetNeem

Black salt is a rock salt that comes from northern Pakistan and India. It actually looks pink when ground and black when moistened. It can have a bit of sulphur smell to it. I hadn’t thought of crushing pills with honey.

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