How do you celebrate the Spring season?

Tasneem Arain   4 years ago • @SweetNeem

I celebrate the warmer weather by hiking and enjoying the beautiful blossoms and wildflowers emerging from earth!

Lindsay Lyon   4 years ago • @Lindsay

For me spring is all about new life. My chickens are laying, little seedlings are growing, and I’m dreaming up landscaping plans for when temperatures rise a bit more. We had something like a month straight of rain where I’m at, so the change is very welcome!

Melinda Minch   4 years ago • @melinda

What a fun topic!

  1. I’m from Michigan, which has a big Polish diaspora population, so pączki (donuts with delicious filling) are something I seek out on Fat Tuesday. In fact, Fat Tuesday is known as Paczki Day in my hometown!

  2. I grew up celebrating Easter, so I like to color eggs. But my partner is Jewish, so we have a big Passover seder - luckily for me, a seder traditionally has boiled eggs that are dyed with tea, but mine are boiled and colored with food coloring!

I’ll also visit my parents for Easter most years, and they always serve ham.

  1. Daffodils, crocuses, tulips, and planting peas!

Tasneem Arain   4 years ago • @SweetNeem

Paczki sound delicious and daffodils are my favorite flower! I love watching the seedlings appear after a good rain too.

Christina Gilman   4 years ago • @Kitarlin

It seems that every fall, I put the garden to bed, relieved that it’s all taken care of and thinking that maybe next year, I’ll do a little less out there. And yet, every spring, I find myself excited to grow things again.

Growing up, we often had lamb for Easter dinner, the only time in a year for that meat. Since then, I’ve become mostly vegetarian and now mostly vegan, so lamb is right out. I mostly miss only the mint sauce!

Kirk Torren Smith   4 years ago • @Kirk

In my past life as a freelance arborist, this would be the start of a period where the workload never seemed to end, and free time was a hard-won indulgence. It was also the time to fatten the bank account from the lean diet of the previous winter…and generally it wasn’t until late summer/fall that things would begin to slow down (although working outside with nature always has its rewards). Since then, Spring has become more a time of maintenance and preparation for the planned summer excursions, with the nicer weather generally prompting long walks or training rides on the bicycle…

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