DNA Tests & Genealogy

Have you taken a DNA test? What did you think of the results? How has it helped in your genealogical research?

Joleen Aitchison   a year ago • @Joleen

DNA is the new hottest thing in genealogy. Many people are taking the test, then getting involved in family history research. Many others have been researching their families for years, and have added the DNA test element to their existing research. I have tested with FamilyTreeDNA, LivingDNA, and AncestryDNA. Each site present the results in a different way, but it has been fun to see the ethnic assignments from each one of them. They are generally in agreement with each other and my research, but there have been a few surprises. Using the DNA match lists, I have connected with distant cousins, and become involved in a couple of collaborative research projects. I am really hoping for useful results genealogy-wise, but the human interaction and connection has been a nice surprise.
I would love to hear more experiences with DNA and genealogy. Maybe I'll share some more, too.

Joleen Aitchison   a year ago • @Joleen

I know I’m the only one posting here, so far; but, just recently I ‘met’ a DNA cousin. He shared over 50 documents and pictures that came down the line to him. We share a common 4th great-grandmother, Patience Jemima Ann (Fox) (Jackson) Milne. She was a nurse serving in camps during the Civil War. My cousin’s family comes down from Alexander Milne, while we are descended from Job Jackson. I have already learned new things from my cousin, I will be able to discover more because of what he has shared, and we have become friends. I call it success!

Paul Tolleson   5 months ago • @pallmallking82

I have had decent success with DNA research. I found out I have Norse roots, among other things.

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