I live near Poulsbo,Wa. A beautiful, waterfront town also known as “Little Norway”. While I love the fun, themed town, it is always exciting to find something new and different. Some friends recently recommended Mama’s Armenian Kitchen and I couldn’t wait to visit.

They offer a savory selection but I was most interested in their baked goods for my first visit. The chocolate orange cheesecake was rich and delicious..The chocolate chip and walnut cookies were huge and packed with flavor.. but I was most excited to try their more traditional offerings.

Nazook is an Armenian pastry that I was told is common and eaten regularly. The owners were so friendly and answered all my questions about various items they offered. I loved this treat. It was somehow dense and delicate at the same time, with the perfect amount of sweetness.. I think it would be great at tea time : )

Crisp but also chewy from the meringue like topping…This almond flour cookie was sweet and delicious. It really is a work of art, beautiful and tasty. I honestly can’t recommend this cookie enough. I have never had anything like it and now I am just dreaming of the next time I can : ) I wish I had the recipe.

The Coconut Date balls were unique and delicious and perfect for someone who doesn’t like overly sweet treats. I love to explore different cultures through food and I am so thankful I found Mama’s and it’s close to home. It is so warm and welcoming and you can really taste the love in the food.

I was told the specials and bakery selections are always changing and I have heard they are often sold out. Getting to this popular and delicious spot early is a must for the best selection. I can not wait to go back!

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